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Explore Bulgaria in a Comfortable Rental Car

Rila, Karlovo, Troyan, Devin or Promorie- Bulgaria is a treasure trove when it comes to touristy places, hence visit as many destinations as possible and make the most of your time with a car rental at your disposal.

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  • Capital: Sofia
  • Language: Bulgarian
  • Currency: Bulgarian Lev

Plan your Trip to Bulgaria with a Car Rental

We bring forth a pool of car rentals powered by our numerous partner suppliers both of global and international origin; the list of car rental suppliers comprises of big names like Alamo, SIXT, and Budget among other prominent ones. These suppliers offer cars for hire in Bulgaria at varied prices for almost all budget needs; the same thing can be said for the variety offered in case of car sizes which covers all from economy to midsize to mini to luxury vehicles. The best part is that the options don’t end here, we also offer diesel and petrol counterparts in addition to automatic ones when it comes to transmission.

The easiest way to book a car rental in Bulgaria with us is through our booking support service which is made available around the clock. The booking support team can be reached either by calling our toll-free number or by contacting them through live chat.

All about Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country in Southeastern Europe and is most renowned for its connection to Romans, Greeks, and Thracians. Its name originates from the name of a tribe called Bulgars which back in late 7th Century, merged with the local inhabitants of Slavs and sowed the seeds of the first Bulgarian state. Hence, these people of Central Asian Turkic tribe contributed in the formation of an empire which persisted over the centuries; this state fought the Byzantine Empire successfully but by the 14th century they fell at the hands of Ottoman Turks. It earned its independence from Ottoman rule in 1908, became the people’ Republic in 1948 after the two World wars, whereas the democratic rule dawned on its horizon in 1990.

Bulgaria’s Finest Cuisines

Bulgaria’s food platter is varied and has something for everyone: refreshingly fresh, delicious to the teeth and hearty; from a list which ranges from veggies to meats of various kinds to seafood to desserts et al, here we present the show-stealers from Bulgaria’s list of culinary bests.


This dish offers elongated pieces of grilled minced meat topped with spices like black pepper and cumin; it acts as a great companion side dish with a cold beer on a fine summer day. It exceeds all the expectations when served with French fries topped with cheese; this form of Kebapche is also called ‘three kebapche with sides’.


This dish is formed by bringing together ingredients like potatoes, meat, and eggs; it is so popular with men that there is a widespread joke according to which a Bulgarian man would never accept a hand in marriage if the woman’s cooking skills fail to include Musaka.


It is a soup and is known for its light spicy taste and refreshing effects, hence, is the most common and preferred dish in summers. It comprises of Bulgarian Yogurt, alcove, sunflower oil and walnuts in addition to some other ingredients.

Shopska Salata

It offers a combination of perfectly diced tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper and onions plus cheese and parsley. It is mostly served as an appetizer with numerous renowned Bulgarian dishes.


Having a greasy pastry exterior, this dish contains a filling of feta-like white cheese and stuffed with veggies like cabbage accompanied by onions, mushrooms/ pumpkins, and spinach etc. It is designated as the best among the much-loved Bulgarian breakfast dishes.

A Peek at Bulgaria’s Hidden Attractions

Bulgaria is home to numerous rock monasteries like Rusenski Lom Nature Park and the Ivanovo Rock Churches, and Bachkovo Monastery etc; though other countries may have better to offer but they are worth visiting if one has not witnessed a rock monastery before. Sunflower fields emerge as the finest and brightest highlights of Bulgaria; this stunning sight starts from the borders of Serbian and extends all the way to the Black sea.

Gypsy Bride Market

It is just the opposite of what the title says; though it is called a market, witnessing the event seems more like a family reunion.


This quaint fishing village was the former summer home of Queen Marie of Romania and is also the dwelling place of Bulgaria’s best botanical garden.

Rhodope Mountains

Bulgaria has numerous breath-taking mountains, but the Rhodope Mountains are the finest with an environment heady with peace, magical views and a drowsy silence. Book a car rental in Bulgaria for a comfortable ride and cover as many destinations spread along its 110,994 kilometers stretch of land.

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We, at Global Car Rental, cover almost all main cities and airports in Bulgaria, and all these are allowed both as pick-up and drop-off points; travelers seeking a one-way rental would certainly find this arrangement, the most pleasing one.

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In case one is requesting a cancelation 48 hours prior to the pick-up time, the cancelation will be done free of cost; however if the time frame is less than that, cancelation charges will come into play.
No; unfortunately we don’t provide chauffeur service, however adding an additional driver is a possibility.
At the time of pick-up, the traveller needs to carry the voucher that he/she has received at the time of booking plus documents like valid passport or an identity proof; and as one would have to pay the existing amount, do carry a working credit card.
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